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Childish Gambino - “IV. Sweatpants”

Always liked Childish Gambino, but went back and listened some of his less popular tracks from his album Camp, and now I like him even more. I think he is the best rapper around right now, and his newest album Because The Internet is a testament. I wish I could meet this guy in real life. On a side note, he was just cast to play Spider-Man

"Don’t be mad cuz I’m doin me better than you doin you"

SOHN - “Lessons”

Another new obsession - this song and this band! The video is pretty lame, but I have been playing the song on repeat for the past few days (although the live version on Spotify is much better). SOHN has a lot of intense beat builds that I love, very James Blake-esque. Some more good jams are “Artifice" and "Bloodflows.” I highly recommend you check those out as well. GOOD STUFF

This is how we do in VA! #petduck #duckkisses (at Rappahanock River)

This is how we do in VA! #petduck #duckkisses (at Rappahanock River)

Pretty Lights - “I Know the Truth”

I have not seen Pretty Lights in a while and i need to make it a priority. One of my favorite things about Pretty Lights is that there is always a song to perfectly fit whatever mood you are in. This song, in particular, is my favorite of his and I play it at the gym constantly. Some real next level shit.

Speak - “Gates”

My new obsession, for now at least.